AYP Student Essay – Five Months

  • February 23, 2012
  • Cultural Homestay International
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By Clara from Belgium

It’s been now 5 months that my adventure began. 5 months out of 10. Halfway through.

Half of my adventure has already passed, it’s behind me, pfiut evaporated. Time mocked me, he enjoyed playing hide and seek while I was living my life innocently, eyes closed. I opened one eye, and 3 months had already passed. Then I opened the other, and 5 months had passed. He got me ! Have you already been told that it is Time’s favorite activity ? Flying by without warning, and one day jumping on you screaming “BOO!” ? It should be said somewhere, I don’t know, like written in big letters in the guidebook of Life, for example.

Before jumping feet together in this crazy adventure, I was apprehending a lot of things… I was afraid of the imminent departure. I was sooo scared. Sometimes I thought “Why am I doing this ? Damn, what was I thinking ?”, I wanted to erase all of this crazyness and snuggle in my easy little life. But now, I know. I know that I made the right choice, and I am more than glad I had this spark of courage that allowed me to get into this. I don’t regret anything. Because this experience can appear rather simple… Basically, what do we do: we learn english, we eat burgers, we have a locker and we watch football games. Well believe me, it is far from just that.

In 5 months, I learned so much… About myself, about the others, about the ciiiircle of liiiife (that’s what living with Disney’s fans is, there are some quotes that stand out)… I experienced a lot of typical american things, I met some amazing people from all around the world, I met my second family, people who will be part of my life for many years, even on the other side of the earth. Even with the other exchange students, with whom we share the same experience (although each experience is different), strong connections were created in a short time.

During these first 5 months, I’ve overcome some of my fears, I’ve surpassed myself, I’ve discovered what I want to do with my life,… I was so afraid of the future, but now I’m excited to dive into it, head first.

I didn’t become another person, I haven’t changed. I am true to myself. But it’s my way of seeing things, my way of thinking, that changed. I realize how precious life is, and the chance we got to make our own choices, to see the world, to live incredible things. And time goes by so fast… That even if we have some difficult passages in life, we have to see above them, find solutions to the problems, to get out of these moments that keep us from fully enjoying our life. That’s why we have to seize every moment.

That’s it, whatever it is that you just read, a philosophical stutter, an ode to Life, these are the thoughts that have been wandering in my head for a while, that I wanted to share, and that, sometimes, I want to shout to the world. :-)

Good vibes and lots of love,

A lover of life.




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