Host Families Needed for CHI’s Group Homestay Program!

Groups of students from China are coming to the USA for 2-3 week homestay programs this summer, and need host families! Open your homes and your hearts to these fantastic young people. Participating in these short programs is a great way to try out hosting, and introduce your family to another culture. Students will be busy during the day, and with you on evenings and weekends.
Families are needed in the following cities in Northern and Southern California:
San Bernadino
San Jose
Groups are arriving in mid July, so sign up to host now!  To see all of our upcoming groups visit our website:
Group Homestay

Enrich Your Summer by Hosting an Exchange Student

Enrich your lives by hosting an exchange student this summer!  The founding heart and soul of CHI, our Group Homestay Program brings together international students with American host families in their home during a 2-4 week period.   Groups arriving in California, Oregon and Washington State!

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Host an Exchange Student this Summer!

Group Homestay was CHI’s very first program. It all started with a group of Japanese exchange students back in 1980. Since then, CHI has grown and evolved but our Group Homestay students are still near and dear to our heart.

Each summer groups from Japan, China, Taiwan and a handful of other countries come to the U.S. for two to four weeks to live with host families and learn about another culture. Families open their homes and hearts and enjoy a truly rewarding and inspiring experience. You will be amazed at how big your heart can grow in just a few short weeks.

As one past host family shares:

“Wow, what a decision to take in a Japanese student. Risa was the perfect match for our family. I remember hearing that the last day is hard but I didn‟t believe it until today. I feel like a parent that just lost a child, I‟m sitting at my desk at work fighting back tears just thinking about her. One month was simply not long enough time to spend with these students. Thank you for the opportunity. I know we‟ll stay in contact with Risa. Hopefully, we‟ll be able to take a trip to Japan as well.”


Find a group near you this summer!

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Spotlight Program: Group Homestay (GHP)

CHI’s Group Homestay Program is off and running for summer 2014. We have students coming from China, Japan and some European countries. They attend English conversation classes right in your community and host families are needed. Open your homes and your hearts to one of these terrific young teens and gain a friend for life. Groups in California, Oregon and Washington State!




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Group Homestay Students Enjoy Spring in Washington

CHI Group Homestay Program students from Miyazaki, Japan are having a wonderful time visiting Olympia, WA.  In addition to seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms currently in bloom, the group spent time shadowing American teenagers, volunteering in the community and visiting the State Capitol.  They also toured a local elementary school, visited a cider mill and even had time for a little bowling.

GHP Washington

There And Back Again: The Bonds of CHI Last a Lifetime

Michael Exchange Student

This is Michael from Taiwan, who was a CHI exchange student back in 2001.  Michael was part of CHI’s Group Homestay Program and stayed with Lori Moreke, who was brand new to CHI and was teaching her first group.  Eventually, Lori went on to become an Academic Coordinator and an Assistant Area Administrator with CHI.

Years later, and through the beauty of Facebook, Lori is able to keep in touch with Michael and see fun pictures like this one of him and his little one.

It’s moments like this that brighten your day and make you realize how powerful cultural exchange truly is!

Group Homestay Students Affected by Japan Tsunami Visit Oregon

  • September 19, 2013
  • Cultural Homestay International
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CHI is thrilled for the second year in a row to welcome Japanese Group Homestay students from the Tomodachi/Coca-Cola program.  Tomodachi and Coca-Cola have partnered to arrange a homestay program for Japanese high school students from the areas affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The program was conceived with the idea of helping young students who might have otherwise missed out on these kinds of opportunities due to circumstances beyond their control.  They are provided the support they need to make their American group homestay dreams a reality.

On July 26th, CHI welcomed fifteen students to the beautiful state of Oregon.  The group participated in many fun activities including a trip to the coast, an afternoon of bowling, and a tour of the State Capitol in Salem.  One of the highlights of their visit came on August 1st, when the group visited with Hiroshi Furusawa, Consul General of Japan at the Consular Office of Japan in Portland, Oregon.

The visit was very emotional for the students as well as the staff of the Consular Office.  As the students shared their stores, hopes and dreams, many people were in tears. The spokeswoman for the exchange students, 17-year-old Ayaka Azumi, was asked, “what is your dream?”  She looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully and spoke in quiet English. “I want to be a foreign diplomat”.  Consul General Furusawa reached into his pocket and pulled out his business card.  Handing it to her, he said, “if I can ever help you with this dream, get in touch”.  His words brought ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from all the rest of the students.

Mr. Furusawa then proceeded to ask the other students their names, and went around and shook their hands and handed each of them his card.  He spoke briefly about doing well in school and learning English with great proficiency so that they could help foster continued development of Japanese/American relations.  He told them to seek out English speakers and practice, and to not give up on their dreams.

It was a wonderful visit for the Japanese exchange students.

Tomodachi Japanese group Tomodachi Japanese group Tomodachi Japanese group

Japanese Exchange Students Visit Local Fire Station

  • August 29, 2013
  • Cultural Homestay International
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Group Homestay students from Japan recently took some time to visit firefighters at the Yuba City (CA) Fire Station.  The students enjoyed meeting local firefighters and getting to see a fire truck in person.

A big thank you to the crew of the Yuba City Fire Station for spending some time with our exchange students!  It was an exciting experience that they won’t soon forget!

Japanese Students Visit Fire Dept

Host a Short-Term Exchange Student this Summer!

  • June 13, 2013
  • Cultural Homestay International
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Learn about another culture by hosting an international exchange student for 2-4 weeks this summer!

View our arriving groups in CaliforniaOregon and Washington!

Interested in hosting a high school exchange student for 5 or 10 months?  Visit our Academic Year Program regions page to find a CHI Academic Program Administrator near you!


Japanese Group Homestay Students Visit California

  • May 28, 2013
  • Cultural Homestay International
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Recently Japanese Group Homestay students spent a week visiting Ridgecrest, California.  The group spent the majority of their time visiting the students from James Monroe Junior High School.  They had a wonderful time sharing their culture and getting to know one another.

Japanese students arrive at LAX

Upon their arrival at LAX

They even made it into their local newspaper!

GHP in the News




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