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2015 Au Pair of the Year Nominee – Calli from South Africa

South African Au Pair of the YearI just wanted to share with you a brief of a phone call conversation I just received from Lisa Maria, Calli Camacho’s host mother…

Lisa asked for us to consider Calli for the Au Pair of the Year award. She repeatedly described Calli as an absolute blessing to their family and could not express how wonderful she truly is and how well she has integrated herself in the family and their lives…

Lisa mentioned in particular, they have been going through a very tough and challenging period with all family members being sick with the flue, and Calli immediately with no hesitation competently stepped in and took care of the whole household above and beyond the duty of an Au Pair, but rather as a true part of their family. What’s more, while Lisa works night shifts as a respiratory therapist and is away from home very often, Calli had to take the host dad to the ER because he was so sick with the flue – at that point she was taking care of the host dad and her host children.

Lisa particularly expressed a very special moment when following a flight travelling to the hospital she works at, she received a text message from Calli letting her know that although she was not able to pick up calls or messages while she is on the plane, she wanted this to be the first message she saw once she switched her phone back on, just to reassure her everything at home is fine, everyone is well and she is looking after them; finally finishing the message by wishing her a good shift at work.

During my whole conversation with Lisa, she kept saying what a wonderful blessing Calli is to them and that they have already discussed and agreed Calli will be extending with them for another 12 months, following the completion of which the host family will be accompanying her back to South Africa where they plan to spend some time with her family.

Lisa, also advised of the incredibly positive influence Calli is having on her 17 year old daughter.

Lisa specifically wanted to thank CHI for facilitating this placement and for the support we have provided so far and continuing to do so. Just as a bit of a background, I’m sure you all remember, this is the placement which briefly fell apart before it even started in October 2014, due to a misunderstanding with some pictures Calli posted on Facebook immediately prior to her arrival in the U.S. I specifically remember spending quite a few hours on the phone to Lisa and then Calli as soon as she arrived at orientation…now I could not be happier to have insisted on saving this match.

So, I would love to accept the phone call conversation I just had with Lisa Maria as Calli’s entry to our Au Pair of the Year contest.

Calli absolutely deserves recognition for her ability to make such a difference in this family’s life.




Congratulations to our CHI Au Pair USA South African Au Pair of the Year Nominee – Calli!

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