2019 CAA winners reunited in Texas | Romania, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines and USA

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This past August CHI brought together 16 exchange visitors from all around the world to participate in our Cultural Ambassador Award Conference. They were strangers when they met but they soon realized how much they had in common.

During their time together in Washington, D.C., they made amazing connections. learned about each other’s countries and made real friendships.

One month after meeting, five new friends joined in Houston, Texas for a CAA reunion. Sebastian, from Romania, shared the story of their meetup. Enjoy!

2019 CAA winners reunited in Texas | Romania, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines and USA 1

We’ve been told that the bond we created in 3 days in Washington DC will be one to last throughout the ages.

We chose to believe you, and here we are, only one month later, we begin again.

There is this one thing. If an idea is floating in the air with no clear way of being transposed into reality, you should give it to an Asian.

In our case, sure we all wanted to meet again, but it was probably “Mommy”, a.k.a Ahn, who put the first pieces in the puzzle. The location and the host.

“We should go to Houston, I’ll text :).”
These very powerful words and the kindness of a wonderful US ambassador, made an idea become reality.
Fast forward about a month, the tickets are bought, “China” Harley got the day off, the trip is happening and Mr. Motte picks us up in a truck with 7 seats.


Kemah Boardwalk and the Aquarium. One thing we can assure you, no roller coaster or stingray has been left untouched when we left the building.

As far as experiencing cultures goes, we had a guide who took us into a black journey. We had the chance to have breakfast as well as dine in black owned restaurants, our Vietnamese friend showed us a piece of her country introducing us to pho and when we finished the soup, we went to a chick-fil-A.

The experience in Houston is, however, not complete without a visit to NASA. Due to the fact that our beloved girls had to leave earlier, only the male remains were able to take on an astronaut costume and embark in a journey, promised to be out of this world.

Adrenaline, pictures, food and music. They have all been factors of an extraordinary journey, but, as a wise Asian once said, nothing would have been the same without these wonderful people. It is not necessarily the place we go to, that has such an impact, but as in DC, we were lucky enough to be surrounded by very beautiful individuals.

It is only the future that can decide where we will meet next. Only one thing is for sure, we will meet up again!

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