7 Communication Tips for Exchange Visitors

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As an Exchange Visitor in the United States, you may notice some social customs are different from your home country.  Here are 7 quick communication tips to help you when visiting the United States:

  1. Small talk is common and considered polite.  It’s also a great way to meet new people!
  2. Body language matters.  If you have a blank expression on your face or are crossing your arms, people may assume you are angry or upset.  Try a smile!
  3. If you can’t reach someone over the phone, leave a message.  Don’t just keep calling over and over again.  Leave a message and someone will call you back.
  4. When you need to reach someone for business-related purposes, the best method to use is e-mail.  This will give them time to look into your question or request and respond accordingly.
  5. Check your written communication and check it again!  Use spell check or a grammar resource before sending.
  6. If you aren’t sure what you want to say, take a moment.  It’s always best to think before you speak.
  7. Be respectful.  Be kind and considerate of all groups when discussing religion, politics or sexual orientation.  It is important not to offend anyone.

Effective communication is very important and can have a huge effect on your stay in the United States.  Some disagreements are simply communication issues.  Do your best to always communicate in the best way possible.

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