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5 Questions With an Au Pair Host Family

5 Questions With an Au Pair Host Family 1
Pia and Matthew Lippincott’s lives are easier and less stressful since welcoming their current Au Pair, Elvira.  Host mom Pia is originally from Sweden so they chose to welcome a Swedish Au Pair.  Elvira joined the family in Paris, Texas at the end of summer and helps to care for the family’s 11-year-old daughter Viktoria.

The Lippincott family took the time to answer some common questions about why a family would welcome an Au Pair.


5 Questions With an Au Pair Host Family

Question: How has the Au Pair program impacted your life?
Above all, the role our Au Pairs have played in our child becoming fluent in a second language and cultural practices have been well worth it. The program has also enabled us to experience less stress and greater freedom as a result of not having to transport our child to and from school.

Question: Why did you choose to welcome an au pair?
We wanted our child to have exposure to cultural and learning opportunities, and to help Au Pairs in their development as well.

Question: What do your kids love about your au pair?
The companionship and help in learning a second language.

Question: How has life changed since your au pair arrived?
Our lives have been easier and less stressful. We integrate the Au Pair into our lives and treat them as a family member, which leads to a more fulfilling experience for everyone.

Question: What new things has your family learned by having an au pair?
How to relate to and engage with 19-20-year-olds. That should come in handy in a few more years.

5 Questions With an Au Pair Host Family 2 5 Questions With an Au Pair Host Family 3

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