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5 Things to do in Austin, TX

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 1

Are you ready for the weekend?  Here is your #FridayCityGuide.  This week we focus on the state capital of Texas: Austin.  Here are 5 fun things to do in Austin, TX.


1. Hang With a Bunch of Bats

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 2

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 3

From March to November, one of the largest urban colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats in the world takes up residence under Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge – about a million and a half of them.  Once dusk settles over the city, the bats fly out from under the bridge.  All of them.  Thousands suddenly flood the night sky, to start their ‘day’ and feast on insects.  You can view the bats from the bridge or from the small park below it.  If you watch from below, get as close to the water as possible for the best view.   Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

2. Eat Real Texas BBQ

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 4

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 5


Texas is to barbecue what New York is to pizza – even their bad barbecue is good.  The Austin area is known for having some of the best barbecue in the state, and arguably the best barbecue in Austin is found at The Salt Lick.  If you like barbecue, go here.  If you don’t like barbecue, go here.  The food is amazing, the portions are huge, and you won’t leave hungry.  For the most authentic experience, visit the original Driftwood location.  Just remember to bring cash, as that’s all they take.  18300 Farm to Market Rd 1826, Driftwood, TX


3. Browse the Street Art

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 6

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 7


Austin is known for being eclectic and artistic, and nowhere is that truer than on the sides of many of the city’s buildings.  Large murals pepper the cityscape, whether you’re on Sixth Street, in SoCo, or just about anywhere else.  Many of these make great photo ops, even if you don’t think Willie Nelson should be president.  One of the most popular is the ‘Greetings from Austin’ mural.  Snap a selfie in front of it and it’s like being IN a postcard.  1720 S 1st St, Austin, TX


4. Get Above it All

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 8

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 9

Looking for a beautiful view?  Look no further than Covert Park at Mount Bonnell, on the northwest side of the city, featuring a panoramic vista of the Colorado River and the surrounding landscape.  You’ll know you’re going in the right direction when you start driving uphill past some of the city’s more luxurious homes.  Be forewarned: there is a 102-stair climb to the peak.  But the view at the top is so worth it!  3800 Mount Bonnell Rd, Austin TX


5. Take a Coffee Break

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 10

5 Things to do in Austin, TX 11

Like any city, there are a number of places to get your caffeine fix in Austin.  But if you’re looking for something a bit more, go to Jo’s.  They have a fun quirky location on South Congress with lots of outdoor seating, and a signature coffee drink called an ‘Iced Turbo’ that’s delicious enough to make you feel cool on a hot Austin day.  Jo’s slogan is “I love you so much!”, and the feeling is mutual!  1300 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 

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