5 Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

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Things to do in Tokyo

What are your current travel plans?  Is Tokyo, Japan on your travel list?  Here are 5 fun things to do in Tokyo. #GetOutThere and see something new!

1. Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Dori


Things to do in Tokyo

Sensoji is Tokyo’s oldest temple. It is located in the northern neighborhood of Asakusa and is a peaceful respite in the middle of the bustling city. The complex is filled with gardens, gates, and palaces, including the famed Hozomon Gate. The street connecting Hozomon to Sensoji is called Nakamise Dori and features hundreds of small shops and stands. You can pick up plenty of souvenirs as well as tasty snacks like ningyo-yaki (tiny cakes baked into fanciful shapes and characters).

2. Akiba Cultures Zone

Things to do in Tokyo

Akiba Cultures Zone is a huge shopping center located in the heart of Akihabara and featuring any and all collectibles and figures you could ever want. Akihabara is the geek-capital of Tokyo, filled with maid cafes, anime shops, and electronic stores.

3. Bunkyo Civic Center Observatory

Things to do in Tokyo


While the Tokyo Skytree may be more popular, the Bunkyo Civic Center’s observatory is less crowded and it’s free. From here, you can see the entire Tokyo skyline and on clear days, you can even see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

4. Marion Crepes and Takeshita Street

Things to do in Tokyo

The crowded and colorful Takeshita Street is a must-see while in Tokyo. The pedestrian street is lined with shops selling inexpensive clothing and trinkets. While there, be sure to get a crepe from Marion Crepes which are world famous. Afterward, explore the colorful and crazy Totti Candy Factory which is right across the street.

5. Mt. Fuji Half Day Trip

Things to do in Tokyo

If you need a little break from the city, head out to Chureito Pagoda which features stunning views of Mt. Fuji. Buses leave from Shinjuku station with stops along the Chuo Expressway. The Pagoda is up a long flight of stairs but the view from the top of the mountain is definitely worth it!

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