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Six Ways to Prepare for Your Au Pair

Six Ways to Prepare for Your Au Pair  You’ve matched with your perfect au pair and are anxiously awaiting their arrival!  Here are a few quick tips on how best to prepare your family during this exciting time:

  1. Prepare your au pair’s room – Try to make sure it’s clean, inviting and comfortable. This will be their personal space for the next 12 months.
  2. Include your children – They should be excited to meet their new au pair. Their relationship with this person is key to the success of the program.  Help get it started right!
  3. Create a welcome packet – Include things that will help your au pair get their bearings – local maps, public transit info, important phone numbers, and especially notes on each child, listing things like their personalities, favorite activities, foods, etc.
  4. Write up your daily routine – Create a detailed schedule for your au pair. Include appointments, duties, and scheduled free time.  Try to keep things fairly consistent, and communicate changes in advance whenever possible.
  5. Greet your au pair at the airport – Make a sign or bring some balloons. Let them know you’re excited they’re here.  They will be tired after a long flight, so give them some time to rest.  If possible, take a day or two to allow your au pair to settle in and create a bond with your children.  It won’t take long!
  1. Have fun! – This should be a fun experience for you, your family, and your au pair. Make the most of it!  Thanks for being a part of the CHI family!

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Six Ways to Prepare for Your Au Pair

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