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A Life-Changing Opportunity, an Interns First Month

CHI Internship/Training participant Abduvokhid Abdugaforov, from Uzbekistan, was asked to share his first month as an intern in Loudon, NH.


Intern’s first-month report


A Life-Changing Opportunity, an Interns First Month 1

There are several positive results from the first month of the internship. Thanks to this program I am developing my personal, professional and practical skills in a friendly and supporting atmosphere. I know well that these experiences have a strong influence on personality and worldview. What makes the program even more valuable and fascinating is that learn a new culture in a safe, comfortable and culturally stimulating environment.

Here are some activates from my encounter with American culture, mentality and values.

The United States of America

Trust, open-mindedness, respect for others

When you spend just a few days in the U.S you can come to understand what makes a country over 325 million citizens so successful in economic, political and social terms. Wherever you go and whoever you talk to, you inevitably come across one specific word: trust. Mix trust with open-mindedness, respect for others, and others bring people closer to one another and helping them feel safe and comfortable. The Americans love honest and direct communications.

A Life-Changing Opportunity, an Interns First Month 2
Empire State Building (NY)


New Hampshire State House (Visitor’s Center)

During my trip to Concord, I visited the State House. According to its history made of Concord granite, and was completed in 1819, with additions in 1866 and 1910. It is the oldest statehouse in which the legislature still sits in its original chambers. It remains today the heart of New Hampshire State government, and it is one of the country’s more architecturally significant capitol buildings. It should be noted that visitors can walk around the building for free, guided tours, themed displays, Hall of Flags and the small amazing souvenir shop inside.

A Life-Changing Opportunity, an Interns First Month 3
New Hampshire State House (source:


One world one family

At Lef Farms Corp and PWG there are a lot of international interns around the world. They come from different countries with different customs, interests, and hobbies then of course with awesome locals we are completing our internship together. During the day and after it we are spending our time very active and interesting.  Brazilian, South African and Uzbek interns we are one family in a beautiful and amazing intern’s home at Pleasant Street. We are respecting, admiring, helping each other and sharing, following our national cousins, customs and many other experiences which we are gaining from each other.

We are trying to help one another to gain new experience and to improve our language skills through small parties such as visiting the city center, having BBQs, watching TV together or just chatting about our day. We are using our free time to explore America as well as share information and learn more about countries which we came from. We don’t really strive to achieve such a harmony; it comes naturally as a result of our positive attitudes, open minds and willingness to gain new knowledge.

A Life-Changing Opportunity, an Interns First Month 4
Welcome BBQ (Loudon, NH)


What I think makes the American even more successful and innovative is their willingness to share knowledge and experience and work in teams. During my internship, I got the opportunity to visit every part of Lef Farms Corp with supervisors Lacey Cole and Kyle Scamman. They are very open-minded, easy-going and of course friendly with others. Every day they are teaching me every details and helping me with every steeps in the farm.  Lef Farm is 100% hydroponic, which translates to better food safety, more consistent high quality, and a more sustainable environment than organic growing can produce. Every delivery of lēf greens eliminates a 3,000-mile truck journey from the West Coast. That means less pollution, less fuel consumption, and fresher flavor. And they grow their food year-round which means you can rely on our greens to be a s tasty in January as they are in July.

A Life-Changing Opportunity, an Interns First Month 5
Lef Farms Corp (source :


Happiness and Prosperity

If we want to live in a safer, more peaceful and more prosperous world, we should all master the art of reflection and acquire a clear sense of personal responsibility. Instead of searching for external explanations for our mistakes and failures, we should start looking at ourselves in an attempt to see where we might have taken a wrong turn. In the hectic and information rich world we live in today, we need to get into the habit of thinking about our own health, relationships, values, hopes, dreams, interests, concerns, disappointments, and short and long-term goals.

I can surely say THANKS to “Cultural Homestay International“ program’s Partner of Eastern Europe And Central Asia, Mr. Alexey Silin provided me the opportunity of internship at Lef Farms Corp in Loudon, NH. My greatest gratitude goes to Mrs. Inna Alex Lehman – Community Coordinator, who is giving me the essential direction and constructive commentaries in every phases of internship in the U.S.

This program gives new skills, a lot of experience and it is good opportunity to be self-confident, find new friends around the world, and learn different cultures and languages.

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