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A Week in the Life of an Exchange Student in Chicago

Tianhao Zhang, from China, spent four weeks volunteering at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago as part of CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program. Tianhao shares a week of sightseeing and exploring in Chicago.

The first day I went to wicker park, immersing the hipster culture.  I found some pretty stores and bought some things that are really cute.

Week in the LifeThe second day I went to the National Veteran Museum, where I was going to volutneer. It’s a really fantastic museum showing the experiences of the veterans in the war. The directors in the museum are very nice.

Week in the LifeThe next few days I went to a lot of famous places in Chicago, like The Filed Museum, The Shed Aquarium,Wills Tower.  I got so many different and interesting experiences.

The Filed Museum&The Shed Aquarium

Week in the LifeWeek in the LifeWater taxi on the Michigan Lake

Week in the LifeThe Art Institution of Chicago

Week in the LifeWills Tower with host family

Week in the Life

I was able to go to a Shawn Mendes’ concert. It awesome, crazy and amazing.I really enjoyed it!  What a week!

Week in the Life

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