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As a reputable exchange organization, CHI provides strong support for schools, students, and host families. Each student has a local coordinator and is backed by regional and main office staff. We ensure students perform well academically and offer full support for any concerns.
The AYP program has proven to be an invaluable experience for both exchange students and host schools. Principals from various schools praise the program for fostering lifelong friendships, enhancing cultural understanding, and enriching school communities. Exchange students have seamlessly integrated into the student body, actively participating in sports, clubs, and academic activities. This has led to meaningful cultural exchanges, inspiring domestic students to broaden their worldviews and embrace diversity. The program not only supports academic growth but also cultivates a more inclusive and globally aware school environment.

Why you can trust CHI

As an established organization with an excellent reputation within the exchange community, CHI offers a high level of support for everyone involved in our program– schools, students and host families. In addition to a local coordinator for each student, CHI has full-time employees overseeing regional territories as well as a full support staff in our Main Office.

We check in with your school to ensure our students are performing well academically, and offer full support in case of any concerns raised by your staff.

Cultural Homestay International
We are a U.S. Department of State-designated, CSIET certified Exchange Visitor Program Sponsor.
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Benefits for your School

With the help of CHI’s Academic Year Program, you can:
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What a great experience it’s been for our high school to host exchange students through CHI! The students we have hosted have integrated into our study body very easily, have made solid life-long friendships, and had life impacting experiences. Our CHI students have been active on our athletic teams, in student clubs, and have even helped create our school yearbook, leaving a lasting impact! It’s been a joy to see our ECHS students sharing their lives with these new friends and embracing the opportunity to live out our school mission. Our students have had the opportunity to learn about other cultures and our exchange students have contributed to meaningful discussions about the world in many of their classes. We are excited about our continued partnership with Cultural Homestay International, giving more students the opportunity to experience the exchange program here at our school!
Brooke West
Principal, Indiana
Bridges Preparatory School has been more than pleased with the partnership with CHI over the past 2 years. Our experience with our foreign exchange students has been nothing but positive as our students have quickly gravitated to our exchange students and treated them as life long friends. We have seen a positive impact on our athletic teams as we have had 80% or more of our exchange students participate in one or more sports. It has been welcoming to have our students hear, and learn about the different cultures that our exchange students come from and has inspired some of our students to want to travel more and see the world outside of the US.
Daniel Tooman
Principal, South Carolina
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Having foreign exchange students at our school has been an incredible experience. They’ve brought so much cultural richness and diversity, opening our eyes to different ways of life. Our students have made friends from around the world and learned so much about their traditions, languages, and perspectives. It’s helped everyone become more understanding and adaptable, and it’s amazing to see how our school community has grown closer and more inclusive. Plus, it’s a lot of fun sharing our own culture with them and learning from theirs. The friendships we’ve built with foreign exchange students are truly special and lasting.
Amy Evans
Principal, Indiana
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