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Profile 1 Gabrielle Aika
Gender: Female Age: 15 Country: Brazil Grade on arrival: 10th Student code: 24BRFY1304Y
English proficiency: 10 years Native language: Portuguese Speaks: Spanish ELTIS score: 223
Gabrielle will be 15 upon arrival in the US. She is an only child and lives in a big city in Brazil. She describes herself this way: "I am a very charismatic girl who cares about others and does everything she can to help them. A good book, a good movie or good company is enough to make me happy. I am calm and patient but extremely sensitive, which makes me a little vulnerable." During the week, Gabrielle usually takes volleyball and dance classes. One of her favorite things to do is to go out with her friends and family. The reason why she wants to study abroad for a year is this: "The reason for this exchange is simple, I want to have new experiences, test my independence and learn a lot of new things. I know I can do this even if I'm in my country, but since I was little I've dreamed of being able to study abroad." ***Gabrielle is allergic to cats and dogs.
Student's Interests
Interests and hobbies: arts/crafts , cooking , dance , fishing , gardening , hike camp , movie/theater , music , reading , traveling , photography , Sports of Interest: volleyball , Three things the student is mostly involved with: Volleyball, Dancing, Cooking Career aspiration: I am still thinking about it but I will try to pursue my career in the artistic part. Musical instruments: singing , Religion: Catholic
Medical Information
Allergic to pets? Cats Indoor, Cats Outdoor, Dogs Indoor, Has other allergies? Yes Allergy details: Allergies to Shrimp, Lobster, and Crab. Has a problem with pets? Yes Takes any medication? No Requires medical care? No Wears glasses or contacts? No
Placement Details
Dietary restrictions? No Smoker? No Willing to live with a family who smokes? No Willing to live with a family with young children? Yes Willing to attend religion service with the host family? Yes

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