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Profile 1 Olavo
Gender: Male Age: 16 Country: Brazil Grade on arrival: 11th Student code: 24BRFY1313Y
English proficiency: 10 years Native language: Portuguese ELTIS score: 242
Meet Olavo, a 16-year-old student from Brazil eager to embark on a transformative exchange experience in your community. Currently in the 11th grade, Olavo stands out with his passion for soccer, handball, and roller skating. His vibrant personality, coupled with a genuine love for English and Geography, makes him an engaging and motivated learner. Olavo is not just seeking to enhance his language skills; he dreams of immersing himself in American life, fostering lifelong friendships, and shaping his future through this cultural exchange. Hosting Olavo promises not only an opportunity for language enrichment but also a chance to welcome a respectful, playful, and friendly young individual into your home.
Student's Interests
Interests and hobbies: computers , movie/theater , music , traveling , Sports of Interest: soccer , volleyball , handball , rollerskating , Three things the student is mostly involved with: Gym, Soccer, English lessons Career aspiration: I'm good at humanites, maybe I'll pursue a career in marketing. Religion: Catholic
Medical Information
Allergic to pets? No allergy Has other allergies? No Has a problem with pets? No Takes any medication? No Requires medical care? No Wears glasses or contacts? No
Placement Details
Dietary restrictions? No Smoker? No Willing to live with a family who smokes? No Willing to live with a family with young children? Yes Willing to attend religion service with the host family? Yes

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