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Profile 1 Liam
Gender: Male Age: 17 Country: Belgium Grade on arrival: 12th Student code: 24BWEP3522Y
English proficiency: 3 years Native language: French Speaks: French, Dutch, Chinese. ELTIS score: 722
Liam from Belgium is considerate, ambitious, and athletic. He will be 17 on arrival and in the 12th grade this fall. He has one younger brother. About himself, he says, "I mean what I say but I often manage to find the right words so that the person I'm communicating with doesn't get defensive. What makes me unique, in my opinion, is that I like to be productive and tired at the end of the day.” Liam is a competitive field hockey player in Belgium, where field hockey is played by both boys and girls. He is also an avid sailor and says he has a good level of expertise in this sport. He also enjoys snowboarding. His parents say, "Liam possesses several admirable qualities that contribute to his positive character. He is respectful towards others, always mindful of their thoughts and feelings. His attentiveness allows him to be a good listener and provide support when needed. Liam has a cheerful disposition, bringing a sense of joy to those around him.” Liam has strong English.
Student's Interests
Interests and hobbies: computers , cooking , gamescard , hike camp , movie/theater , music , traveling , Sports of Interest: field hockey , track and field , snowboard , skiing , Three things the student is mostly involved with: Field Hockey, Meet my friends, Family activities Career aspiration: My greatest inspirations are my parents, who have always been there for me. They embody the parental role perfectly for me and my aim is that, when I grow up, I will be just like them and ready to do the same for my children. Religion: Not Religious
Medical Information
Allergic to pets? No allergy Has other allergies? No Has a problem with pets? No Takes any medication? No Requires medical care? No Wears glasses or contacts? No
Placement Details
Dietary restrictions? No Smoker? No Willing to live with a family who smokes? No Willing to live with a family with young children? Yes Willing to attend religion service with the host family? Yes

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