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Profile 1 Helena
Gender: Female Age: 16 Country: Germany Grade on arrival: 11th Student code: 24GMTS5321Y
English proficiency: 7 years Native language: German Speaks: Spanish ELTIS score: 238
Helena from Germany is cheerful, positive and funny. She will be 16 on arrival and in the 11th grade this fall. She has one older brother and lives next door to her grandparents and these are all important people in her life. About herself, Helena says, "Im very open minded and talktive.I love to spend time with family and friends and I like watching netflix and listening to music.I also like to try out new things, but sometimes I also really enjoy to relax.” Helena loves dance, an activity she has been part of since she was 5. She is currently part of a dance program called “Disco Dance,” which she admits isn’t super popular, but she enjoys it nonetheless. She also enjoys Scuba diving though this is a newer hobby for her. She also enjoys baking, listening to podcasts, hanging out with friends or watching Netflix. She is a good student with strong English.
Student's Interests
Interests and hobbies: dance , music , reading , traveling , Three things the student is mostly involved with: listen to music, spending time with friends, dancing Career aspiration: I am not sure what kind of job I want to do later, but I would like to have a job, were I work a lot with people and wich is very varied. Religion: Christian
Medical Information
Allergic to pets? No allergy Has other allergies? Yes Allergy details: I have a house dust allergy and a pollen allergy. Has a problem with pets? No Takes any medication? No Requires medical care? Yes Wears glasses or contacts? Yes
Placement Details
Dietary restrictions? No Smoker? No Willing to live with a family who smokes? No Willing to live with a family with young children? Yes Willing to attend religion service with the host family? Yes

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