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Adventures Teaching English Abroad: First Stop – Brazil

CHI English Conversation Volunteers Abroad (ECVA) Program Manager Heidi Smith is spending one month in Brazil and Argentina as an ECVA participant.  Heidi is going to document her experience through the blog Lost in Translation.  For all of Heidi’s updates, make sure to visit her blog often.  We will also share some of her posts on the CHI News Blog as well.  Have fun, Heidi!

Here is her latest post…

First Stop – BRAZIL!

heidi trolley!

Bom dia!

My name is Heidi Smith, and I am the Program Manager of the ECVA program. Today I am embarking on a 1-month journey in which I will participate in the program and gain experience tutoring English in Brazil.  I am really excited to experience the program first-hand in order to better understand how things work. I will be trying out different teaching methods and approaches. I will keep you posted on all the juicy details that make traveling so much fun. I have also been thinking to apply to Teach in Korea, but not this time.

My first homestay will be in Sao Paulo for a couple of weeks. I have never been to Brazil and don’t speak Portuguese. I will have to get  by using English and Spanish to communicate with the locals.

I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I have a mental image of walking the colorful streets in Havianas passing people dancing to Samba. The smell of Brazilian barbeque fills the air, and everyone is smiling. Can you picture it?

Wish me luck!

If you would like to learn more about the ECVA program visit their website today!

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