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Differences Between American and Chinese Elementary Schools

Wenwen Ying (Rosa), from China, spent her four-week winter vacation volunteering at Bagnall Elementary School in Groveland, Massachusetts.  Rosa spent much of her her time observing the class and she was really able to compare differences between American and Chinese elementary schools.

Here are some of her observations:

“The most apparent difference is the classroom decoration. Classrooms in China have the same style, desks in perfect order and are full of books. But there are different decoration styles in Bagnall Elementary School. The classroom just like home. There are sofas and small cushions, and it is relaxed and comfortable.

There is a remarkable phenomenon that kids are with their teachers the entire day here, even when they go to other classrooms to have their “optional”. Teachers have their own specific classrooms, preparing lessons and giving a class. In China, kids have their personal time during the class break, which is without teachers.  Kids may spend their whole school day in a specific classroom and teachers will stay at teachers’ office when they don’t have class. I really appreciate what teachers do at the Bagnall Elementary School because it’s safe, and they are more considerate to kids.

And there is a specific time for snack and kids have a great time listening to stories at that time in Bagnall Elementary School. Also, kids have their own pen pal. The school time here is shorter than Chinese elementary school as well.

As far as I know, there are a lot of scholars doing surveys, learning better teaching skills and theories to improve the education system. There are a lot of things to learn from Bagnall school and it probably is a great benefit to Chinese kids and country’s future.”

American and Chinese Elementary Schools

American and Chinese Elementary Schools


Rosa participated in CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.


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