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AMERICAN BUSINESS embraces cultural exchange

AMERICAN BUSINESS embraces cultural exchange 1

CHI would like to welcome a terrific new business to our extended family.  Steena Co. recently welcomed 27 Summer Work and Travel participants at their McDonald’s restaurants in and around Des Moines, Iowa.

Steena knows that being a part of CHI Work and Travel means providing an authentic cultural exchange experience, and is helping its newest staff get the most out of their time in the US.  Earlier this month, Steena organized a day trip to the Iowa State Capitol, which included some shopping as well as lunch at local chain Zombie Burger. 

They’ve also regularly hosted picnics in the park to encourage participants to come together and share their experiences.  Even the recent heatwave that brought 100-degree weather didn’t stop the fun.

Steena Co. is a wonderful example of how to embrace the Work and Travel mission and show appreciation to your exchange participants.  They are truly a shining star, and we at CHI hope to continue our successful partnership for a long time.

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