American Cultural Ambassadors Heading to Washington, D.C.

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American Cultural Ambassadors Heading to Washington, D.C. 1

In one week our 2019 Cultural Ambassador Award winners will be in Washington, D.C. to discuss world issues, meet with government officials and learn about American history.

Two of these amazing winners are Americans – Johnathan Motte from Texas and Valeria Cifuentes from Florida.

Meet our American CAA winners

Johnathan Motte from Downtown Aquarium, Houston – Jonathan is an American who embraced the cultural exchange and not only welcomed our international participants but went to visit them in their home countries.  He had amazing adventures!

Valeria Cifuentes from Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo,  Florida – Val was born in born in Cali, Colombia but has lived in Florida for 18 years. She is the J-1 Coordinator at Westgate Resorts and loves sharing culture with all of the international participants. 

Watch more amazing videos from our 2019 CAA winners!

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