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My American Experience – Li from China

Li Jiashan, from China, just finished one-month volunteering at International Institute of New England in Manchester, NH as part of CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.  The Institute of New England’s leadership assists 2000 refugees and immigrants in becoming productive and engaged members of the greater Lowell, Boston, and Manchester, New Hampshire communities.  Li shares, My American Experience.

My American Experience

The program is over. The only thing I feel is that it is too short. How time flies!

I was an intern in International Institute of New England (IINH) for a month, assisting English teachers to teach refugees English so that they could have the basic English skill for work or college.

I met people from different continents, speaking different languages and coming to USA for different reasons. They are all very nice people, and they have their goals and work hard. Getting along with them for one month, I have seen how big progress they have made. In literacy class, they now know how to write and know some basic English words in daily life; in beginning class, they know how to communicate in English and have learned about weather, calendar, directions and so on; in intermediate class, they manage to write a college essay. I am really happy to see they make progress and wish them a bright future.

The staff and interns in IINH are so nice. Kayla, Irina and Emma are really awesome people. They are so kind and so patient. There are two people I don’t know their name but I will remember the kind things they did to me. One is the lady who is responsible for reception. In a rainy day, she gave me a coat when I felt cold. The other is a gentleman from Nepal. He drove his car and sent me home in a rainy day so that I would not get wet. It is very lucky for me to meet them. I wish we could meet again.

Florentina, who host me while I’m in USA, is a very nice lady. She prepared all the things that I might need before I came and brought me to some interesting places and taught me some American culture. Nice to meet her during my first visit to USA. I wish her all the best.

I tried some native food and went to the beach. I will always keep these beautiful memories in my heart. Maybe some day, I will come to the USA and back to Manchester and meet these nice people again.

My American Experience - Li from China 1


International Institute of New England had wonderful things to say about Li as well!

My American Experience - Li from China 2

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