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My American Experience – Wang Xiangmin, from China

Chinese exchange student Wang Xiangmin is currently participating in CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.

“My name is Wang Xiangmin. I am a junior student in Jiangsu University. My major is public service administration.

It is my first time to go far away from home for such long time alone. Coming to a new country is really challenging. But all of the difficulties that I had are wonderful opportunities for me to make friends, have trips and experience another culture. I think this time is a good chance to have a general and comprehensive understanding about this country and have an opportunity to adapt to a brand-new environment.

Where I lived is a three-floor house. The hostess Mary Ellen Groves of my homestay family is very nice. She knows Chinese people well. She always prepares some boiled water and white rice for me. That really made me adapt here faster and better.

During these days, I have been a volunteer at Lawrence General Hospital. The departments I worked in are thrift shop and professional development. It is a meaningful experience to me and I am so glad that I can have a chance to do something helpful to this non-profit hospital.

When the Chinese New Year came while I was in the USA, I had a short travel to New York. I visited many famous places like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and did some shopping on  fifth avenue. It really broadened my horizon a lot. Also, I met many nice people and I am so happy that I can make friends with them.

On top of that, my English has improved. I have enough chances to practice English, like listening and speaking. Nowadays, this language is an important tool in all over the world.

The cultural environment is totally different, so I learned a lot to adapt to a brand new environment as quickly as I can. During this period, I cultivated my abilities to be polite and independent. These qualities are significant in my whole life.”

My American Experience - Wang Xiangmin, from China 1

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