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American Graduation During Quarantine

American Graduation During Quarantine 1

High school exchange student Mona, from France, should have been ending her time in the US making quintessential high school memories at graduation.  But with traditional events canceled this year, schools all over the country are working hard to find fun new ways to honor their graduates.

We are thankful to Yarmouth High School in Maine for making a special trip to deliver Mona her cap and gown, so she could have a graduation celebration with her host family, the Keaneys.

American Graduation During Quarantine 2

We’d also like to give a special shout out to our amazing host families like the Keaneys, who’ve helped their host students maintain a sense of normalcy in trying times.  Thanks to them, Mona was able to finish her year in the US with memorable and enjoyable experiences.  We appreciate their generous and resilient spirit!

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