American Schools Offer a New Experience

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Claudia Serna, from Spain, is currently a high school exchange student at Traip Academy, in Kittery, Maine.  She shares an honest opinion about what it is like to be an exchange student at an American high school.

Here is a little bit of Claudia’s American experience:

“Being an exchange student is not easy at all. It means leaving everything behind and starting 
all over again, making new friends, speaking another language, and going to a different school where education takes place in a different style. When we come here, we don’t think about how much we’ll miss our parents and siblings. We first think that we will miss our friends and all the gossip at school, but being here makes us realize how much we need our family. Other exchange students and our parents always tell us that through this experience, we will see who our real friends are, and that is true. Our family and our real friends are with us no matter what.”

Everyone that I interviewed thinks that going one year abroad is a great experience and I agree with that. Someone told me that coming here one year equals ten years of learning at home, and that I can say is true. I know I have missed a lot of things back home, but I think it has been totally worth it!”

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