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Atlanta Au Pair Scavenger Hunt

Atlanta Au Pairs gathered together at Lenox Square Mall, in Atlanta, for a fun mall scavenger hunt.  They were put into teams of two and three and sent in different directions with a list of tasks. They had one hour to run through the mall checking off as many items as possible and answering important questions such as what is the most expensive item sold in the mall.  The answer, a watch that costs $123,000!

They also had to take a picture with a pair of red pants (which was easier than you would think as red is in right now), find Beyonce (a photo of her was at TopShop) and find out the name of the store manager working at Brookstone that day.  Poor Jonathan was not warned and was a little confused why everyone wanted to know his name.  Luckily he was a great sport once everything was explained.  He even offered to pose for a photo if that would award bonus points.

After an hour it was a mad dash back to the meeting spot to see who the big winners would be!  It was very close but Marjolijn, from Belgium, and Johanna, from Germany, won the scavenger hunt.  What a fun day!

Atlanta Scavenger Hunt
Atlanta Scavenger Hunt
Atlanta Scavenger Hunt

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