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Attend High School Abroad!

CHI’s High School Abroad Program

High School Abroad

Are you ready to attend high school abroad? The best way to learn about another country is to experience it! ( Spend three, five or ten months attending high school in another country. There is a host family waiting just for you! Live as a member of a family and become an active participant in the school and community. Your new family and school will help you develop a deep understanding of their country. Being an exchange student offers you the chance to make life-long friendships and offers you a new view of the world and your role in it. Learn More.

  • Travel and Study Abroad
  • Learn a Foreign Language
  • Learn about another culture
  • Be an ambassador
  • Teach about the USA
  • Promote cultural understanding

Attend High School Abroad

Attend High School Abroad

Attend High School Abroad

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