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CHI Au Pair Explains Program Support

CHI Au Pair Brite Storms, from Belgium, explains the support Au Pairs receive as a CHI participant as well as fun activities (cluster meetings) that Au Pairs get to enjoy.  In March San Francisco Au Pairs were able to spend the day sailing.  They even went under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Follow Brite’s journey by visiting her Facebook page or YouTube page.

Au Pair Explains Program Support


Au Pair Explains Program Support

Au Pair Explains Program Support\ Au Pair Explains Program Support

Au Pairs are young people from all over the world who join American host families, providing up to 45 hours of loving childcare per week, while sharing new cultures and languages. Au Pairs live as members of their host families, embracing their role as someone the parents can depend on.

Hosting an Au Pair is a rewarding and enriching cultural experience for the entire family. You and your children will have the opportunity to embrace another culture right in your own home. Your family’s view of the world will expand through you and your Au Pair sharing each other’s language, culture and customs.

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