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Academic Year Program Student Crafts a Patriotic Thank You

Academic Year Program Student Crafts a Patriotic Thank You 1Before her time in the United States ended, Mongolian Academic Year Program student Ninjin found a creative way to show how much she had enjoyed being here.  Ninjin, and her host mom Marlys, sewed an American flag quilt as a present for her host dad, George.

The process of creating the labor of love was extensive.  Ninjin and Marlys were very resourceful when it came to finding fabric.  They used what they could from around the home as well as from Ninjin’s host grandma.  Once they had the fabric they got right to work.  Host mom Marlys said, “We spent one month sewing the quilt. Ninjin has the brains and did most of the labor on the quilt. She is very smart and crafty.”

Ninjin was a model student at Hoquiam High School in Hoquiam, Washington (about an hour’s drive west of Olympia) this past year.  Her host family, as well as everyone at CHI, was very sad to have to say goodbye, but we’re all glad she made her experience special.

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