AYP Students Attend Camp B’nai B’rith

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The CHI Academic Year Program (AYP) schedules regular group outings for its participants to let them get together during their free time. A recent outing was organized by AYP administrators in Northwest Oregon and Washington. They gathered a group of 70 AYP students from around the region, and 14 chaperones, to spend a fun and relaxing weekend along the beautiful Oregon coast at Camp B’nai B’rith.

AYP administrator Kathy Lawrence and her team of coordinators helped to plan the events of the weekend, and decided to give it an Old Western theme. This led to a lively round of room naming, leading to the final selections of names like ‘Miss Kitty’s Saloon’, ‘The Chuck Wagon’, and of course, ‘The OK Corral’. One of the highlights of the trip was when the group participated in a period photo shoot, with the students dressing up in authentic Old West outfits. There may have even been a few spontaneous exclamations of ‘yee-haw’, just to add to the authenticity.

Beyond the popular theme of the weekend, the group also enjoyed more traditional camping activities, such as storytelling, eating delicious food, singing, dancing, and playing music. The excursion was capped off with a rousing talent show.

By all measures, the trip was a smashing success, and we would like to thank Kathy and the rest of her team for helping to give the students a special weekend that they won’t soon forget. Everyone at CHI will be looking forward to when they get to do it all again for a new group of students next year.

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