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AYP Students Visit Yosemite!

Sure to be a highlight of this year’s program, 17 AYP students spent a weekend exploring the spectacular wilderness of Yosemite National Park on May 3-5th.  APA Aimee Stein accompanied the group, who returned from the trip with memories to last a lifetime.

The group’s agenda included some standard National Park activities like hiking and sightseeing throughout the park, as well as some more unique things like making gourmet smores (made with nutello & peanut butter).  Among the highlights of their stay were seeing the dogwood trees in full bloom, taking in the snow-capped peaks (in May!), and realizing how the Jeffery Pines smelled just like vanilla maple.

The CHI party met other travelers throughout the park, and couldn’t wait to share stories of their time so far in the United States.  All in all, it was a very successful outing, and CHI is proud to have been able to give these students the chance to experience one of America’s crown jewels firsthand.


Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 6

Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 7 

Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 8 

 Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 9

 Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 3

Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 4

Yosemite Aimee Stein 09 5

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