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Business Shares the Benefits of Work and Travel

After an exciting Work & Travel summer, we received a wonderful testimonial from Gale Force Rentals regarding one of our students, Weicai Xiong.  Weicai, who went by David made a big impact on their business this summer.  Read their letter below where Gale Force Rentals shares the benefits of Work and Travel.

I am writing on the tail end of another great season with our international students. Every year we are amazed and fulfilled by the sharing and cultural exchange that takes place between our American employees and international exchange students.

All of our drivers are retired men and they had varied careers as teachers, policemen, engineers, pilots, steel workers and many more! It is fascinating to see these retirees and international students embrace each other and develop lifelong friendships. In my opinion this type of exchange is at the very heart of what makes the Work & Travel program so amazing.

We had an amazing experience this year with Weicai (David) Xiong. When David arrived and started work he began making notes. When I asked him what he was doing he responded he was writing down ideas for how to improve our business and would present them to me when he was ready. After writing all his notes in Mandarin he took the time to translate many full pages of notes into English and present his ideas to me.

I was so moved he took the time to fully put his mind and heart into improving our business! What’s even more amazing is many of his ideas are amazing. Having worked in the business for so long I have developed “tunnel vision” and when someone like David comes along with a fresh perspective it yields a positive impact on our business.

We are planning on implementing many of David’s ideas in our business but one was so powerful that we implemented it this year. We pack hundreds and hundreds of bags full of linens for our orders every weekend. Each order has multiple bags. As you can imagine it becomes difficult to keep track of all the bags for a given order.

David came up with the idea to place colored stickers on the bags (same color for each order). We implemented the idea almost immediately and it has drastically improved our business.

Thank you for continuing to be a valued partner and for championing such an important and valuable program!

The following two pictures show 1) an original page of David’s notes and 2) pictures of our linen bags that are now color coded.

Business Shares the Benefits of Work and Travel 1

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