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Meet Nico from France

While this pandemic has been difficult for each of us personally, it is a global crisis that has greatly impacted exchange students from around the world. Imagine experiencing a global pandemic in another country away from your family and friends? Luckily, we have amazing host families that kept them safe and took care of them as their own children.


Cards for COVID-19 Patients

CHI decided to bring a little joy to COVID-19 patients in a northern New Jersey hospital. Since COVID-19 patients are often not allowed to see friends or family, we wanted to give them some encouragement by sending get-well cards.

Educational Programs

American Graduation During Quarantine

High school exchange student Mona, from France, should have been ending her time in the US making quintessential high school memories at graduation. But with traditional events cancelled this year, schools all over the country are working hard to find fun new ways to honor their graduates.

CHI Life

5 Tips on How to ‘Get Out There’ Safely

We are relieved to see the progress in the fight against COVID-19. With early signs that the infection curve has improved in many places, cities are gradually starting to open back up. Summer is right around the corner and we are ready for it!

Travel Abroad

One World Explorer Remains in Russia during the Quarantine

Gideon Foley joined CHI’s World Explorers program to be a Teacher’s Assistant in Russia this past February. He was supposed to return in April, but his flight was cancelled due to a travel ban brought on by COVID-19.

Gideon is still not sure when he will be able to return home to Canada, but he is making the most of it by spending quality time with his hosts and teaching English online.

CHI Life

A Message from Tom and Lilka Areton CHI Co-founders about COVID-19

Cultural Homestay International (CHI), a worldwide student exchange organization, is approaching its 40th anniversary this year. Over the past four decades CHI has been building bridges of friendship and understanding among the people of 131 countries, involving more than a

Story with a Smile

Story with a Smile: Beach Mart Goes Above and Beyond

For many years CHI’s Work and Travel program has been in partnership with host employer Beach Mart. Besides being a great employer to many participants for years, this souvenir store chain, located in North Carolina, has been supportive of many CHI initiatives such as Cultural Ambassador Award and Exchange Day. They have been true advocates of cultural exchange.

Story with a Smile

Story with a Smile: True hospitality by Motel 6

Today our story is about Motel 6, our long-term host employer in the US for Work and Travel participants. During a time when the hotel industry is going through tough times, Motel 6 locations in California were able to provide free housing for participants as well as options to continue working.


CHI Donates Face Masks to Local Community

CHI greeted neighbors and guests in front of CHI Headquarters in San Rafael, CA this past Saturday with over 300 free face masks ready to pass out to those in the community.

Work Experience Programs

CAA | Hope is Hope

At the beginning of the year, CHI announced its fourth annual Cultural Ambassador Award Forum, planned for August 2020. A lot has changed since our announcement and despite our hopes and aspirations. As of right now, the future of this project remains uncertain for many reasons related to the COVID-19 situation in the world.

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