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Dear Friends, First, the Birth of CHI… If you had made a dinner reservation at Victoria Station in Larkspur, California, on October 31, 1980, you would be forgiven for not noticing a group of 4 unusual customers in the back

General CHI News

San Rafael’s Museum of International Propaganda Reopens Just in Time

On the top shelf of a display case, there’s an Adolf Hitler pincushion. Hanging from the ceiling nearby, a handmade photo mobile includes images of Hungary’s last communist leader, János Kádár, and the despotic president who ruled Turkmenistan following its

Work Experience Programs

Do Canadians need a visa to do an Internship in the US?

Do not waste your time at the airport trying to enter the US as a tourist if you are planning to work for a US company as an intern, paid or unpaid! You will likely be asked to apply for a

Work Experience Programs

CHI Attended 2018 CSG Summit in Outer Banks, North Carolina

CHI attended the 2018 Community Support Group Summit in Outer Banks, North Carolina along with 124 attendees that included community leaders, host business, host housing, local hospitals, banks, churches, and sponsors.  Also in attendance were senior Department of State Officials, Kevin

Travel Abroad

Study Abroad in Spain

American high school exchange student Waverly Seale, from Portland, Oregon spent an amazing semester living and attending school in Spain.  Waverly shares her experience. I have had the amazing opportunity to live in the south of Spain for the second half

Travel Abroad

5 Tips for Living with a Host Family in a Different Country

By Heidi Smith, World Explorers Program Manager  World Explorer Jim Ryan visited a mosque in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. 1. Embrace your host family’s culture and traditions Living with a host family allows you to see the world through the eyes of a

Generations of Cultural Exchange

CHI Area Program Administrator Jennie Fouts has been living cultural exchange for many years.  She has a wonderful relationship with her host brother from Japan and they recently got their families together for a visit. “1970 – my parents hosted

CHI Visits Local University for International Education Week

In honor of International Education Week (#IEW), the College of Marin hosted an event on November 14, 2018, to welcome their international students and to inspire American students to travel abroad. CHI’s World Explorers team had a table at the event to

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