CAA 2019 is ON and Better Than EVER!

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For the third year, CHI is offering our Cultural Ambassador Award (CAA) as a way to celebrate our participants.  This is an exciting opportunity for summer Work & Travel, Internship/Trainee, Au Pair, and World Explorer participants as well as American co-workers and host families.

Winners are able to represent their country on a global platform in an effort to engage in cross-cultural experiences and increase mutual understanding and peace across nations.

We recently received our first CAA video submission!  Take a moment to watch Jessie Cacho’s wonderful video and learn about Mexico.

Hello! My name is Jessie Cacho. This is my video for the Cultural Ambassador Competition🎉I’ll be working at a camp in Massachusetts and I will be representing the mexican culture🇲🇽I want to thank for giving me the oportunity to be a cultural ambassador, i think is an unique experience and it would be awesome to meet embassadors for other countries🌎Hope you like the video, i had so much fun filming and editing it!*I made a mistake in the word “classes” sorry about that😞

Posted by Jessie Cacho on Saturday, April 20, 2019

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