Celebrating April Fools’ Day Around the World

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April Fools’ Day dates all the way back to the 1500’s!  It came about when the Gregorian calendar was replaced by the Julian calendar.  Those who forgot – and attempted to celebrate the New Year in April – were called ‘April Fools’.  Today in many countries, we celebrate with harmless jokes and pranks among our friends and families.

Here are how 6 different countries celebrate April Fools’ Day!

  • Scotland – If you fall for an April Fools’ joke, you are called a ‘gowk’ – which means ‘cuckoo’.
  • England – Some say your prank period expires at noon on April 1st.  Any jokes or pranks made after that time will bring you bad luck.
  • France – Your friends will shout “Poisson d’Avril!” (“April Fish!”) if you are easily fooled.
  • Finland – After a particularly good trick, friends will yell “Aprillia, syö silliä, juo kuravettä päälle!”, which means “April trick, eat herring, drink muddy water afterwards!”
  • Russia – No silly jokes here!  Russians schedule concerts and comedy shows for April 1st to make sure everyone gets a good laugh.
  • Greece – If it rains on April Fools’ Day, grab a bucket: the rain is said to have healing powers on this day.

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