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CHI Attends Soka University’s International Festival

On May 2nd, CHI’s APA Darla Cherry and AC Buffie Channel were vendors at Soka University’s International Festival, in Aliso Viejo, CA.  It was an amazing event full of international dance and music performances.

Soka Festival 1

Soka Festival 4

As vendors, Darla and Buffie provided two exciting games for the families in attendance.  They played Chopstick Challenge as well as International Flags.

In Chopstick Challenge participants are given 30 seconds to see who can move the most pinto beans from one bowl to the other using only chopsticks.

Soka Festival 3

Soka Festival 5

In International Flags, participants tried to name as many international flags as possible.  The winner of the day was an amazing six year old boy that had just finished coloring a book of international flags.

Soka Festival 2

It was a wonderful day and CHI will definitely be in attendance again next year!

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