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CHI Au Pair USA – The Affordable, Loving Option

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Child care prices are skyrocketing all over the U.S. According to a local article on, in New York the average cost of infant care is $12,792 a year! That is over $5,000 a year more expensive than Cultural Homestay International’s Au Pair Program, CHI Au Pair USA.  The state of California registers just slightly lower at $12,068 annually according to findings by Child Care Aware, a leading research organization for child care professionals. The average child care cost for a four year old in California was significantly lower at $8,407, which is still almost $1,000 more expensive than CHI Au Pair USA.

The PEW Research Center recently found that average child care expenses for families with two working parents “rose by more than 70 percent from 1985 to 2011”. Child Care Aware of America found that the “cost of childcare has increased at up to eight times the rate of increases in family income”. In 31 states it is now “more expensive to send your infant to a child care center than it is to send your older child to a four-year state college”.  Even if this is something that you can afford, spending that amount on child care is outrageous.

At times like this the CHI Au Pair USA program is even more exciting! We have offered a vastly superior experience for families with child care needs for over 30 years. Not only do we provide excellent child and infant care by highly trained, hand selected applicants from all over the world but we also offer an educational experience that is more flexible than daycare. Not to mention the added benefits, convenience and family feel of in-home care. With our au pairs you not only get professional, personal child care but you also get the opportunity to experience new languages, foods, cultures and ways of life without ever leaving home! If you want to nurture open minds and a love of adventure while getting quality child care, an au pair is the right choice for your family.

Enrich your family, expand your world.

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