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CHI Au Pair USA: Finding the Perfect Match

CHI Au Pair USA participant Naty Ghiglioni, from Argentina, has a wonderful story about finding her perfect match with her current host family, the Marrones.  Naty took the time to write her story including meeting her family for the first time at Grand Central Station in New York City!

“I met my host mom, Yvette, in Grand Central Station, such and amazing and icon place. Rematching is not an easy option, less after only a month an a half in U.S.  I was going to spend just a weekend with the Marrone family, they had never had an au pair before, so they wanted to spend the weekend with me to see how they felt about living with someone else.

I was a little scared and really worried. I am a shy person and breaking the ice with them was one of my biggest worries. It wasn’t necessary at all, she talked all the way to her mother’s house to pick up the kids. I couldn’t avoid realizing that I had a smile in my face and I was feeling so comfortable with her.  We picked up the kids, Gianna and Antonio, 7 and 5 at the time. Gianna grabbed my hand so naturally and enthusiastic and talked, and talked and talked!!!! She wanted to explain EVERYTHING, be my guide, but she fell sleep in the way home! She was so upset the following morning!!  Antonio was another thing!!! He is more reserved. He looked at me with half scared face and half ” I don’t want to talk with you at all face”. But the following morning he was holding my hand and surprised of everyone.

We had dinner all together that night, we connected so quickly, they made me feel so welcome.  Chuck (host dad) and his jokes and Yvette’s kindness made me feel so comfortable.  Only a weekend trial became almost 17 months and counting!!!!!

I have learned so much from them, I still remember the first time we went to a Mexican restaurant and they asked for tacos and I said that i had never ate a taco before… OMG!!! Gianna spent all week telling everyone she met about it!! But she was so excited about showing me different places, food and things. The first Sabashi, our first vacation together, the first family meeting, the first time in Disney, the first snow… OMG I almost died with the first snow!! I was more excited about it than they were!!! We had so much fun building our first snowman and snow angel!!!!

They have always treated me like family, as part of the family, always considerate and supportive. As a result, I feel comfortable and loved and I love them so much!  Of course, it is not always easy, but having a great family helps a lot!  We just fit together, I have their back and they have mine. They are always there for me and I will be always there for them. This is a forever relationship and I am so thankful for my amazing host family!   Thanks Marrone Family!!!! :)”



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