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CHI Au Pair USA Offers Affordable Childcare for Families with Multiples!

With the multiple birth rate having doubled since 1980, devoted parents across the country are realizing the financial benefits of choosing an international au pair for their multipleCHI Au Pair USA Offers Affordable Childcare for Families with Multiples! 1 childcare needs. CHI Au Pair USA has many wonderful au pairs from a variety of countries currently waiting to match with a host family. Choosing an au pair provides you with affordable and flexible live-in childcare.

The Leon family experienced these benefits first hand over the last year and a half. In the spring of 2008, with twin one-year-old boys, the Leons were faced with a choice. They needed childcare for their two boys Jacob and Lucas, but in their hometown of Washington, DC, it can be very challenging to find a daycare center with two openings for infants. Plus, even if you do find one, the waiting list can be very long.

After examining their options and not finding anything that seemed right, the Leons came upon CHI Au Pair USA. They quickly realized that an au pair was a perfect solution for their twins’ childcare needs. The Leons ended up matching with Violeta, a 23 year old Colombian au pair. Violeta stayed with the Leons for a year and a half, and the entire family was extremely happy with the experience.

The Leon family decided to go with an au pair program because they realized having an au pair would make their life easier. Instead of having to get up early, get the children ready, take them to daycare, pick them up on time and find a babysitter for the evenings when they wanted to go out, they could get one au pair that would be able to help with all of the CHI Au Pair USA Offers Affordable Childcare for Families with Multiples! 2above. The program offered the flexibility and the affordability that they were looking for, both of which were big selling points. Traditionally the cost of childcare in Washington, DC, is very high especially for more than one child.

Gabriela Leon and her family could not be happier with their au pair Violeta. She was everything they imagined and fit seamlessly into their family from the beginning. Not only did Violeta easily take care of the boys, who adored her, but she also taught them Spanish. At two they are already able to recite the alphabet in Spanish. Gabriela had complete confidence in Violeta from the start. Even though caring for two infants can be difficult, Violeta came in, took control and never had any trouble.

 The Leon family actively recommends CHI Au Pair USA to everyone that is looking for qualified childcare. They feel that it is an incredible program, especially for families with multiple children. Gabriela gushed, “It has been a pleasure hosting Violeta in our home. She is so flexible and very understanding. Getting an au pair was the best for our kids and our family. When I leave my house I know my kids will be safe with her”.

Similarly, the Blatt family from Salinas, California reached the same conclusion as the Leons and are just as happy with their choice. Angelica Blatt struggled to find the right childcare for her twin three year old daughters Claire and Shayna before finding CHI Au Pair USA. Angelica first hired a nanny but found that it was too expensive for her budget. Putting the girls in daycare was not an option due to the personal attention Angelica wanted for them as well as the cost.CHI Au Pair USA Offers Affordable Childcare for Families with Multiples! 3

CHI Au Pair USA, on the other hand, has been a perfect match for the Blatt family. They have had a wonderful experience with their au pair Isabelle, from Belgium. Isabelle takes wonderful care of the children and gives them the personal attention that they need at a young age. The girls are able to play together all day long in a safe, loving environment with someone who has truly become a member of the family.

The Leons and the Blatts are just two examples of a growing number of families with multiple children who are discovering what the CHI Au Pair USA program offers – their best option to get the childcare they need and so much more. Instead of sending their children away to impersonal daycare centers that charge separately for each child, parents can allow their children to stay in the comfort of their own home with a qualified, caring au pair who provides a personal touch and becomes a part of the family. Family after family are discovering these benefits for themselves and choosing CHI Au Pair USA.

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