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CHI in the News: Flight 93 Trek

In September CHI Academic Year Program participant Shuri Sotohara, from Japan, took part in an event called Flight 93 Trek.  A small group made a 93 mile trip by foot from the Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh to the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel.  They arrived at the chapel at exactly 9:11am.

Read the full article here.

Article originally posted on and written by Travis Fausey

“Shuri Sotohara a 16 year old, foreign exchange student from Japan and Valarie Corle of Kittanning round the final corning with nearly a dozen runners that made a 93 mile trip by foot to arrive at the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel at 9:11A.M. on Sunday. The runners started from the Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh, Saturday Morning and were slightly ahead of schedule Sunday. The group waited about 150 yards from the chapel so they could arrive at the chapel at 9:11 A.M. This is the 4th year the group has made the 93 mile trek.”



Flight 93 Trek

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