CHI Water Safety Awareness Month

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CHI Water Safety Awareness Month 1

August is CHI’s water safety awareness month. Summertime is filled with trips to the beach and days at the pool. Swimming is a great way to cool off but it can also be dangerous. Even people with swimming skills can find themselves overwhelmed in the water. You have no idea how quickly a big wave can appear or how fatigued you can get in deep water. Every year people drown while swimming.

CHI wants you to be safe and educated! Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations.

Here are five tips on how to stay safe while in water:
  1. Know your swimming level before you enter the water.
  2. Always swim with a friend and keep an eye on each other.
  3. Wear a life jacket. We know it’s not cute but it can save your life.
  4. Never swim after drinking alcohol.
  5. Know the risks of the water you are entering: currents, temperature, underwater hazards.

Be careful! Be smart! Stay safe in the water!

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