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Cultural Homestay International (CHI), founded in 1980 and present in over 100 countries, is a world leader in educational and cultural exchange. We bring people together through our extensive portfolio of exchange opportunities for individuals, host families and host businesses, both in the U.S. and abroad.

CHI sets itself apart by matching great participants with enthusiastic families and businesses, and providing personal, local support for every program. We are proud of being independent and family operated, and our husband-and-wife founders still passionately guide our vision of fostering international understanding and goodwill from our headquarters in Marin County, CA.

For U.S. Host Families

Host an International High School Student

Become a volunteer host family and learn firsthand about another culture right in your own home. Hosting a high school  exchange student will broaden your view of the world and bring your family an informed global perspective. You and your family will form new and lasting friendships and you can give a foreign student the opportunity to know the “real” America. We welcome all types of host families and encourage you to join us!

Host a Short-Term Exchange Student

Learn about another culture by hosting an international exchange student for one to four weeks. CHI’s Group Homestay participants are junior high, high school, or university students who have studied English for three to ten years. Participants spend their days attending English culture classes and touring the community. Students are eager to meet you and share their culture. Volunteer host families are encouraged to join in on the fun!

For U.S. Host Businesses

Camp Directors

Bring the world to your camp! The CHI Camp Leaders program provides your camp with a personalized, hands-on, and user-friendly cultural exchange experience. We work with more than 500 camps across the U.S. to bring well-qualified and enthusiastic international participants to gain leadership experience and to add depth to the camp environment.

12-18 Month Intern/Trainee

Bring global diversity to your business by hosting international Interns and Trainees for 12 to 18 months. Our Internship/Training program offers participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their specific professional field of interest, and enrich their lives, while at the same time providing diversity in the workplace and building an international and multi-cultural business climate. Our Interns and Trainees are global citizens, highly motivated young professionals who bring energy into the workplace. Become one of the many businesses benefiting from hosting a well-educated and motivated international Intern or Trainee.

Short-Term Enrichment

Create a culture-sharing atmosphere by promoting global understanding in your businesses. For one to three months, our STEP program offers participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in their specific professional field, while providing workplace diversity and building an international and multicultural business climate.

Seasonal Help

Are you seeking to fill a temporary or seasonal job at your company? Why not consider the benefits of hiring a highly motivated university student from abroad? The USA Work & Travel Program can benefit your business in many ways. We will provide you with enthusiastic and motivated international staff in various seasonal and temporary job positions. All participants on the USA Work & Travel program are university students with strong English skills who are authorized to accept employment in the United States for up to 4 months.

U.S. Child Care

Welcome an Au Pair

Welcoming a CHI Au Pair participant into your home is an affordable option for your childcare needs. Hosting an au pair is not only a remarkable value, it is a rewarding and enriching cultural experience for the entire family. Your family’s view of the world will expand through sharing language, culture and customs​ and your children will become world citizens​.

Become an Au Pair

Experience American culture firsthand by living with a host family and helping to care for their children. Au pairs must be between the ages of 18 and 26 and have at least a high school diploma and over 200 hours of childcare experience. A good command of the English language is required. Intimately experience the day-to-day life of a typical American family. Meet new friends and explore the surroundings of your new home. You will become independent and grow as an individual as you experience what it is like to live abroad.

For U.S. High Schools

Public Schools: Accept International High School Students

Enjoy the benefits of having international exchange students contribute to your school community. By accepting an exchange student into your school, you will open doors to international knowledge, which will prepare your students to be successful within their future careers. In addition, your students and staff will gain long lasting friendships with teens from across the world. Students will learn tolerance and understanding of other cultures, and will be encouraged to become world citizens.

For American Participants

Become a World Explorer

Looking for an affordable way to travel? Spend one to three months living abroad. Stay with a host family in the country of your choice. In exchange for room and board, you spend 15 hours a week tutoring your host family in conversational English. It’s that easy and fun! Program fees start at just $699. When you are not tutoring your host family, your free time is yours to do what you would like. Explore the local culture and see the sights of your host country. Participants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma. This program is ideal for self-starters actively seeking new adventures. Native English speakers wanted!

Become an Au Pair Abroad

Always dreamed of working abroad? Here is your chance to build a lasting relationship with a loving host family while taking care of children for 25-30 hours per week. You will have one to two days off per week. We have international host families that want their children exposed to English at a young age. You don’t need to know the host language, but we hope you are open to learning it. The program is designed to be a postitive experience for everyone involved! Explore new places, make new friends and see the wold from a new perspective. This our most affordable travel option, and you will even be able to earn an allowance for your services as an Au Pair Abroad. A safe option for first-time travelers.Experienced babysitters wanted!

International Internships

CHI offers unique internships in select destinations around the globe. Employers know that it takes courage to get out of your comfort zone. Stand out from the competition when it comes time to land your dream job. Challenge yourself to learn a new culture while sharing your own.

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering is an affordable way for you to see the world and make a difference. Become part of a local community and give back to those in need.

Become TEFL Certified

Study at an acclaimed academy in the heart of Prague. Get hands-on training with professional teachers.

Teen Homestay

Teens can travel abroad with CHI too! Spend one to three weeks living with a host family as a true member of the family. Take part in cultural excursions and activities, or join language classes!

High School Students: Study High School Abroad

Have you ever considered attending high school in another country? Imagine the adventures you can have! Live as a member of a local host family and become an active participant in the school and community. Being an exchange student offers you the chance to make life-long friendships and gives you a new view of the world. Participants must be high school students ages 15 to 17 years old. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be flexible, adaptable and enjoy new challenges.

For International Participants Over 18

Camp Counselors

CHI’s Camp Leaders Program allows you to experience the excitement of working in the great outdoors, while at the same time, make a difference in a child’s life! Gain valuable leadership experience in the role of a summer camp counselor in the U.S. Work for a maximum of four months during the period of May 1st through September 21st. Must beat least 18 years old and have a sufficient level of English communication skills.

Internship Program

Every month, Cultural Homestay International welcomes hundreds of participants from all over the world on our Internship program. University students and recent graduates come to U.S. for up to 12 month to gain practical experience in an American host business and put their university major “to work” in a chosen professional field as well as to participate in exciting cultural events and make long-lasting friendships. Participants must be currently enrolled in a degree or certificate granting post secondary academic institution or have graduated from an institution within 12 months of the program start date. Applicants must have good command of the English language.

Trainee Program

The Trainee program allows recent graduates the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of an American business and improve their English skills. The Trainee program promotes mutual cultural understanding and encourages personal and professional development by creating and supporting opportunities for international candidates to train with U.S. businesses. During this 12-18 month program you will have fun as you advance in your chosen profession, make friends and participate in cultural events. Participants must have completed a degree or professional certificate and have one year of related work experience in your home country. Participants with five years of related work experience but no university degree may also be considered.

Short-Term Professional Enrichment

STEP participants receive a brief introductory exposure into the business world of American companies. For the period of one to three months STEP participants will be provided with various business assignments at the workplace as well as practice their English in an American work setting. Participates will be offered opportunities in cultural events and make long-lasting friendships. Participants must have a good command of the English language and be between the ages of 18 and 25 to participate.

Work & Travel

Explore U.S. culture while gaining valuable work experience. For three to four months, during your break from school you can make friends, learn about an American business and enjoy all the U.S. has to offer through exciting cultural events. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and full-time university students. Participant must have strong English skills allowing them to function in an English speaking work environment and must have sufficient funds in order to financially support themselves upon arrival in the U.S.

For International Participants Under 18

Study English and Travel Across the U.S.

Travel to the U.S. for one-four weeks. Live with a host family and attend English conversation classes in the local community. Your days will be filled with fun adventures like visiting the beach, seeing local landmarks and practicing your English. The friendship you make with your host family will last a lifetime!

Study in a Public U.S. High School

Spend either a 10-month academic year or a 5-month academic semester as an exchange student at a U.S. high school and experience living with a volunteer host family. High school students, ages 15 to 18 are welcome to apply! Participants must have a good command of the English language, maintain good grades in your home country and demonstrate maturity and flexibility needed to participate in an intercultural program.

Study in a Private High School

Attend an elite private high school and live with a caring American host family. Our specially selected schools are available across the United States and offer a broad variety of options. Choose the school that best fits your dreams. Work hard to earn your diploma and you can graduate from an American high school! Participants must be between 15 and 18 years old with at least a “C” average. Good command of the English language is expected and a minimum 48 SLEP score is required for all students. Schools often require a Skype interview and have specific admission requirements that must be met prior to acceptance. CHI will work with your local representative to guide you through the admissions process. Get a great education – study at a private high school in the United States!

For International Host Families

Host an American Visitor and Learn Conversational English

Would you like to learn English right in your own home? Welcome an American for one to three months and in exchange for room and board, you will receive 15 hours of conversational English classes each week. Participants come from various backgrounds and enjoy a wide variety of activities. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your English with a native English speaker.

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