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Meet Certification Volunteer, Ruby Guo

Zeyu Guo ” Ruby” was recently featured in Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc (CMSDC)’s newsletter.  Ruby is volunteering as a certification volunteer at Chicago MSDC for two months this summer as part of CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program.  In the spotlight article Ruby shares her thoughts on being an exchange volunteer and what life is like back home in Beijing.


Meet Certification Volunteer, Ruby Guo 1

Meet Certification Volunteer, Ruby Guo 2

Meet Certification Volunteer, Ruby Guo 3

Meet Certification Volunteer, Ruby Guo 4



CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program (STEP) is a cultural immersion and volunteer program that has been expanding all over the world. STEP is a great way for international participants, local communities and host families to have a cross-cultural exchange experience.

Our participants spend 1-3 months living and learning about American life. By living with a host family, they get to experience a typical American household. During the day, participants volunteer at local non-profit organizations where they will experience the American spirit of donating time and helping a community.


The opportunities for STEP are endless. And with our large team of Community and Local Coordinators spread all over the country, ready to handle any problem, STEP is a safe and secure program for all young people who are excited to see the world.

  •  Participants get to practice their English skills
  •  Participants learn new business methods and structures
  •  Participants have the opportunity to travel in their free time
  •  Host organizations will broaden their employees understanding of the world and other cultures
  •  Having foreign participants will enrich the workplace for local communities
  •  Host families will learn new cultural skills like cooking or folk songs
  •  Host families will explore their own neighborhood and local community with their participant
  •  Everyone gets to broaden their understanding of what it means to be an American

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