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Chinese Exchange Student Gets Creative Coloring Easter Eggs

Jiaxi Lu, from China, is currently participating in CHI’s Private High School Program (PHSP).  She is living in Tacoma, Washington and attends Lincoln High School.  Jiaxi is having a great time and loves celebrating all of our holiday activities.  That includes coloring Easter eggs!

As an exchange student from China, I’m surprised and fascinated by Easter. To me, this festival is more fun and less religious. I went egg hunting and ate tons of chocolate. (And I gained weight.) The most memorable event was painting the Easter eggs.

For whatever reason, my host mum and I didn’t buy egg paint until last minute. We got it from Dollar Tree so it was not a nice one. Worse, we only had dark eggs in the fridge. Yet it didn’t matter to me as I’m so excited.

Arriving home, I opened the kit immediately. Carefully, I measured warm water and vinegar.  After the paint pills were dissolved,  I put the first egg in pink paint and waited. Yet nothing happened. The color couldn’t get on the dark egg shell. We had to add more warm vinegar, hoping it would work. Finally, it turns out only the green, blue and orange would show on the shell.  But we weren’t discouraged!. To make the eggs look better, crayon and rubber bands were used to decorate. The result turned out great as the eggs were showing different patterns.

We made a mess, of course, and my hands smelled like vinegar for days. We laughed at our ugly Easter eggs. I had lots of fun and it was great to experience another tradition.

 Chinese Exchange Student Coloring Easter Eggs
Chinese Exchange Student Coloring Easter Eggs

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