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Chinese Exchange Student Thriving at Private High School

Chinese exchange student Jiaxi Lu is currently attending Lincoln High School in Tacoma, WA as part of CHI’s Private High School Program.  Jiaxi takes her studies seriously and is doing great in school.  She still finds time to have fun.  She attended homecoming, went to every football game and dressed up for Halloween.  Jiaxi has a great relationship with her host mom.  Together they have spent a lot of time sightseeing.  She has also made some great friends and even volunteers at a local elementary school.
Chinese Exchange Student
Jiaxi dressed up for Halloween
The CHI Private High School Program is an F-1 visa program that provides students around the world the opportunity to attend private or public high schools and live with caring American host families.  Specially selected schools are available across the United States, offering a variety of sizes, geographical locations, courses, activities, clubs, and sports.  Students choose the school that best fits their dreams. Graduates from CHI’s PHSP have great prospects for continuing their education at internationally respected U.S. universities.

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