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Chinese Student Helps Beautify Downtown Rochester

Beautify Downtown RochesterKaiyu Huang, 22, from China, just completed one month as a participant in CHI’s Short Term Enrichment Program (STEP).  Kaiyu spent time interning at non-profit organization Rochester Main Street in Rochester, NH.  While Kaiyu’s program was short, he made big impact while in Rochester.  In fact, he left a permanent mark downtown by completing a mural of a famous scene from the West Lake in China.  This famous scene also appears on China’s yuan currency.

Kaiyu partnered with Rochester Main Street to pain the mini-mural downtown on North Main Street.  The mural gives the illusion of a door partially opening to reveal the scene.  Kaiyu describes West Lake as an extremely beautiful place that is “quiet, peaceful, comfortable.”

This mural is one of several that can be found downtown as a way of beautifying the area.  Kaiyu has taken his host city to heart and in addition to completing this mural, he spent 125 hours doing volunteer work.  He was even written about on local news website,

From the article we learn:

He described America as beautiful, and its people as very friendly. During his visit, he has not only explored Rochester, but also Portsmouth and Rye beach. He’s even tried lobster and steamers near the ocean.

“I like all of it,” he said, adding that Rochester was his favorite place to visit.

Huang was not the only one who had a learning experience through his visit. Provost [Rochester Main Street Executive Director], too, said he has gained new cultural perspectives.

“We are such totally difference societies, I think we are much more wasteful,” said Provost, “and I don’t think Americans are as great travelers as some of the other cultures.”

Kaiyu just returned home where he will continue his studies at North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power.  He hopes to return to the United States one day in the future.  If you are in the Rochester area, please take a moment to check out his beautiful mural.

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