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Coordinator Spotlight: Sandra Haglund

For over eighteen years Sandra Haglund, from Southern California, has worked for CHI and loved every minute of it. During that time, SandraCoordinator Spotlight: Sandra Haglund 1 has been involved with most of the programs CHI offers. She isn‟t sure how many countries she has worked with but she has been blessed to make friends in such places as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Siberia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, India, Macedonia, Belarus, France, Japan, China, Brazil, Serbia and many more. Each and every culture fascinates Sandra.

Sandra currently works with the Au Pair and Internship Programs. She is committed to arranging fun outings for the au pairs and interns as well as host families. Sandra loves to gather together all of her au pair and internship participants. They really enjoy getting to know one another so much so that they often meet up on the weekends. Sandra likes the au pairs and interns to communicate before arrival so that they have a “built in” friendship before they begin their program.

Two years ago Sandra and her husband hosted a Christmas dinner and had about nineteen au pairs and interns in their home. Each participant Coordinator Spotlight: Sandra Haglund 2brought food from their home country and a marvelous evening was had by all. After dinner everyone sat in a circle and shared their memories of Christmas and other important traditions. Sandra recalls the night being a few hours of pure love and friendship. Sandra feels that the evening truly represented the motto of CHI Founders Tom & Lilka: “Open your home to the world and the world will become your home”.

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