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Cultural Homestay International Intern Program Strengthens DPS Team, Connects Cultures

CHI in the News: Article written and shared on Dealer Product Services (DPS) website.

Intern Program StrengthensCultural Homestay International (CHI), is a non-profit educational organization who had the vision of giving people all around the world the opportunity of connecting with different cultures and approaching new experiences. When Dealer Product Services (DPS) was contacted to take part in this program, we jumped at the chance.

DPS decided to take part due to both the diversity this program offers and the talented workforce it can bring. As an added benefit, both employees and interns could learn about other cultures. Both found that the cultural part was not the only enriching thing of the experience.

“The dynamics of work varies greatly from company to company, and if in that equation we include the change from one country to another, the difference can be huge,” Andrea Garcia, one of the Spanish interns who is currently part of the DPS team said. “We ended up learning from each other. We learn new work techniques, and how things are done and executed here, while we try to contribute with all our knowledge. That has lead us to run everything in a more effective way.”

Dayna O’Brien, one of the responsible of the Internship/Trainee department, is one of the people who make all this process work. “My job is to look for companies that would be open in participating in the program. After I talk to the company and tell them about the benefits of the program, I start sending them candidates. When they like a certain candidate, they interview them. Then it is my job to collect the necessary paperwork from the company such as the host business agreement, workman’s comp, and the training plan. I also work with the company and the interns when they get here to make sure everything goes smoothly.”

Anke Kutzscher, a Germany national, arrived at DPS in September, and was actually the very first person to join the program at DPS. During her tenure, she has become an asset to the company, learning about PPC and Display Advertising, while bring in her skillset as a graphic designer.

“In the beginning, this was a new experience for all of us,” Kutzscher said. “[Now], what I enjoy most about this program is all I have learned so far; the training process techniques DPS uses are awesome. But also the freedom I have when it comes to get organized to perform my job, [and] the team.”

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