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ECVA Participant Teaches English in Madrid, Spain

Kendall Wilson, age 19 from New Jersey, recently returned home after participating in CHI’s English Conversation Volunteers Abroad (ECVA) program for two-months.  Kendall lived with a host family in Madrid, Spain and tutored  her 3-year old host sister and 7-year old host brother in conversational English for 15 hours a week.

In addition to tutoring, Kendall was lucky enough to travel all over Spain including Grenada, Barcelona and Segovia. While Kendall admits that it was hard being away from her family and friends for an extended period of time, she really learned a lot about herself and overcame many challenges throughout her program. She did a lot of yoga and explored the city in her free time.

It has been two months since completing her program but just recently Kendall got a phone call from her host family saying how much they missed her. She was so thrilled to hear from them.

kendall fan spain
Kendall in Spain
Kendall Leaving Madrid
Kendall saying good-bye to new friends

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