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The Elements of CHI’s Work and Travel Program

Work and Travel participant Petterina Thompson, from Jamaica, shares her experience living and working abroad.  Petterina talked about work, culture and her future and how all of these areas were enriched by participating in CHI’s Work and Travel program.


“My work experience was indeed a wonderful experience. I learned a lot, mostly in terms of cultures outside of what I am used to. It was my first time being so far away on my own. As a result of this it was an experience that I had to learn to be self motivated and survive on my own. It was really challenging, I had moments where I literally just broke down in tears. However, I am very proud of myself as my main important GOALS were achieved and despite my challenges, my sleepless nights, I have to admit it was my best summer ever.”


“This was very interesting. I had a lot of interest to see how persons reacted to various situations, there way of being, etc. My friend from Thailand was the first to show me apart of their culture, where they folded plastic bags so neatly. In Jamaica, we just crush these and store sometimes, if not they are just tossed out. It was also fascinating to see various dishes being prepared from my housemates and they also found interest in my Jamaican meals.”


“I am still In University doing my final, final year, I have the last opportunity to take part as a work and travel student and so I will indeed travel again. It makes me more aware of the various cultures out there. Most importantly it really made me appreciate my country and my culture even more.”

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