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Employer Spotlight: Scot Evans at Supervalu

scot-evans-supervalu-2Scot Evans at Supervalu is someone that we should all try to be like.  He not only embraces the Work and Travel program; but he is one of the most caring; respectful employers I have ever met.  This year he has had to deal with a CHI intern being hit by a car; he handled this situation as if he were the parent of the intern not just an employer.  He had even set up a line for the mother of the student to be able to call in at any time.  He found him the best doctors and then had him transported to Salt Lake City.

Scot has one of the highest returnee rates of any employer; this is because he treats his students with respect and gives them value.  His trainings are thorough and he has organized every detail to make the students transition into the work place seamless. He has even coordinated a day for the Social Security Administration to come to Supervalu and assist the students with the applications.

Scot has participated in numerous hiring toursscot-evans-supervalu-1 and is well respected amongst his peers and a joy to travel with.  He also has a wonderful wife and family and has always offered his home when I am in the area visiting students.

I feel very fortunate to have Scot and Supervalu as one of my employers and it’s been a privilege to have partnered with them all these years.

-Deborah McCardle, CHI ESM

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